Week In Blogs: Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

This week in blogs is a Friday series dedicated to providing you with current and relevant material relating to all things pregnancy, birth, your time postpartum, recovery, and overall family care. 


Special Dilliveries has a guest post written by Gemini Birth Services entitled 5 Things I Know About Wrapping Babies.  There are so many ways to baby wear and so many benefits to being able to be hands free if you need/want to be. I chuckled at the part about it being a method to keep strangers from coughing on your baby during the winter months. I thought, Yes! That made me so twitchy!  We don’t get much of a winter down here in Houston, but I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it would be nice to do a Target run in peace without someone touching my kid. I also love the part about not thinking you lost your child because you’ve gotten used to them riding on your back. I’m the same person that looks for the glasses I’m wearing like a headband. Their post is funny and relatable. Go check it out!

Surviving Bed Rest guest written by Changing Tides Doulas for Lancaster Doulas is a must read.  There are many cases of women who are advised to rest in bed in pregnancy for a myriad of reasons including the risk of pre-term birth, carrying multiples, and so on. There’s a misconception that being on bed rest is some sort of vacation and aren’t you so lucky? Yeah, no. Chances are good that even if you want to think of it as a vacation, you’re worrying in your mind about the cause for the bed rest and all the things you feel guilty about not accomplishing. Check out the post for ideas for awesome things you can do on bed rest that will keep you from causing permanent damage to yourself as you eye roll at the next person who suggests you’re having fun.



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