Week In Blogs: Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

This week in blogs is a Friday series dedicated to providing you with current and relevant material relating to all things pregnancy, birth, your time postpartum, recovery, and overall family care. 

Lacey Morgan of A Better Birth posted this fantastic blog He’s Not Mr. Mom! He’s Their Dad! this week. Her husband stays at home with their children. She talks about the stigma associated with being a stay at home dad and the things people propagate to make dads sound absolutely clueless when it comes to caring for their own children. There’s tons of moms groups, but what about dads groups? I’ll be totally honest, I occasionally refer to my husband as “Mr. Mom” when he has my house and kid handled while I’m away, but only because he refers to himself as that with pride. Don’t underestimate the power of dad. I wish with all my heart my husband can finally retire and be what he calls a “house husband”. His cooking his phenomenal, his cleaning has the utmost attention to detail, and he treats our son like he’s his birth son.

Gemini Birth Services is back in the spotlight this week with a blog entitled 5 Things I Know About Breastfeeding Twins. The blog was guest authored by Molly Staples. This post is just too good not to share. Breastfeeding twins can be a completely different ball game compared to feeding one baby. And we all know even breastfeeding one baby can be challenging enough. Here’s some tips on things that helped Molly feed her own twins. Just remember that a fed baby is the best kind of baby, and there’s tons of help around the corner should you desire some. Do a search for parenting groups of parents with multiples.

Finally, I’m sharing this video of Bad Mom Confessions from Kansas City Family Birth. Mallory and Sunny amuse the heck out of me in this video because it’s so real. I don’t have a van, but I do have to get motivated into cleaning out my Versa hatchback. I’m traveling this week for a business trip without my kid (gasp!) and don’t need to take any empty chick-fil-a bags with me.

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