V Is For Visualization

Visualization As A Tool For Labor

Visualization is a useful tool that can be used during labor while you are working hard to meet your baby. The act of visualization means holding an image of something in your mind that is used to bring you feelings of peace and contentment.

Make Visualization Work For You

The important thing about using this tool in your birthing place is to adjust it in a way that works for you.


There are thousands of examples of music, guided meditations, and almost cliche birth affirmations that can easily be found by The Google Machine if you are interested. But, perhaps, visualizing your cervix opening like a flower is a little too woo-woo for you. Or, it’s perfect for you. Either way is completely fine. This is about you and your experience.


I’m sure that throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and prep for your new baby, it seemed at times as if everyone was focused on the baby, and less on treating you and your partner like people who happen to be expecting. So it’s a-okay to find examples of birth affirmations and visualizations that pertain to who you are as a person that just so happen to help you during the birth of your baby.


For instance, we don’t yet know if your baby likes the ocean, but maybe it’s the place where you find the most peace and solitude. You can listen to the sounds of the ocean using an audio recording, close your eyes, and imagine your beach wedding, finding awesome shells in the sand, or the Starbucks in your hand the last time you watched the sun come up over the water.


Or you and your partner have a song that takes you back to a positive memory you share and swaying to it helps take your mind off the surges you are experiencing.


There’s a solid reason people talk about the “throes of labor”. Labor can feel intense and very much like a roller coaster. So maybe your visualization is the time you were screaming and dancing at a concert. In the summer. And you thought maybe you might pass out from heat stroke. But it still makes you smile to think about.


Labor Is Not “Wrong”.


When you are in labor, your body knows what it is doing. Labor is happening inside of you. Like every thought and every feeling and every sensation you have ever felt. It sometimes feels like you should focus on every sensation. Under normal circumstances, feelings of pain, discomfort, and pressure were a signal from your nerves to your brain that something was “wrong”. Labor is not wrong. Labor is the work to bring your baby into your arms. It’s okay to still be present in the moment and to set your mind on different sights.

Practical Applications Of Visualization For Labor


Practical applications of sending your mind elsewhere in labor include listening to funny stories from your birth team, playing games, napping, hypnosis for birth, music, setting up a homey atmosphere, having a focus object like something that belongs to the baby, and so on.


Your surges can  translate into being waves during a stormy day. Or the ups and downs of a roller coaster. The main things are really to know that you are in control, and mind over matter. Easier said than done, we know. Direct your birth team ahead of time to help you find ways to take breaks from Birth Mind and into the Birth Room.


Here is an example of Riding The Waves For Labor.