Sometimes, A Full Scale Doula Relationship Isn’t Right For You.

You like the idea of a doula, or you wouldn’t be here. But maybe you’ve decided that you like the idea of a virtual doula or a birth prep doula who isn’t going to actually be in the room with you when you have your baby. Or maybe the idea of complete doula support is outside of your budget. So, what can you do if you don’t want a doula commitment, but do want the conversations?

Well, our consults are always free. You could start there.

The Doula That Wants To Know You 

But if you want more, you can fill out the inquiry form below. As you know, we have a team of doulas that are ready to support you. Natasha Wright of OhSoWellness is one of the partnerships that we have.

She moonlights as a massage therapist (whoops, that sounds bad) when she isn’t supporting laboring and postpartum mothers. And she found that so many of her clients used their massage appointments to talk about themselves. And while she does specialize in prenatal and postpartum massage, she celebrates the opportunity to learn about the whole woman in front of her, and not just the fact that you’re going to have a baby.

She asked me if we could design a service that combined a little bit of baby prep talk with a compassionate friendship that is like life coaching but not (because who knows what the rules are about THAT in Texas?).

I’ve sent Natasha to some postpartum shifts where she’s called me after and been like, “I get that we’re professionals. But, like, can I be friends with her after this?” Professionalism is a really high priority over here in our corner of Houston. But we want to build sincere relationships with you. We secretly like going to your baby showers and baby’s first birthday party.

While the ability to click and buy a service is cool, we don’t just want to provide it and move on, if what you really came here for was a tribe. (Though, nothing wrong with clicking, buying, and moving on if that’s what you want. We won’t stalk you.)

And, so, we became the people that now sell friendship on the internet. But we’ve seen stranger things. (Which is also a good show.)

Guaranteed To Be Interesting

If you try this service, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll be able to brag that you bought a friend on the internet.
  2. You’ll decide that you do want to buy doula support because you got to try it before you bought it, and it turns out you do like us.