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Video Games – If Mom-ing Were A Video Game, I’d Be…

Video Games Are Taking Over Our Lives

If a video game were to literally take over your life, what would it be called? What are the main features? How do you win the video game? Is there a video game that already resembles your life?

The Sims Is My Video Game

I get on this kick occasionally where I must play the Sims for a whole weekend. Like, sacrifice sleep and food just to play The Sims. My husband doesn’t get it. He thinks it’s like our son with Minecraft. What he doesn’t understand is the moms in The Sims just get my life.

My Meter Is Low. Halp!

In The Sims, the characters that you create have a sort of meter that hovers over their heads. If it’s green and almost full, all is well. If it’s red and almost empty, death is imminent. They have needs centered on sleep, hunger, cleanliness, socialization, etc. Additionally, they have career and life aspirations for ridiculous shit. Example, to own eight art sculptures worth $350k on a $5 income as a newspaper delivery girl with 9 children. And I’ve never had a judgment about someone with lofty aspirations, but I’m very effing judgmental that if Becky doesn’t achieve this level of art collector, her whole vibe will be squashed and no amount of food or sleep will make a difference.

Ok, So, Like, The Sims Is Easier

You know how you sometimes compare your life to someone else’s because it’s natural? Ever feel like the ringmaster of a shit show? Feel like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished? And you feel accomplished if you manage to drink hot coffee and shower in the same day? Well, The Sims is so stressful that you feel like you need anxiety medication in real life just to play the game. At least the Grim Reaper doesn’t show up in real life. And the repo man can’t just walk into your castle and grab your table of begonias because it’s an equitable trade for whatever bill you forgot to pay.

Sims, With Benefits

In real life, we have to be nice people. Most of the time, it’s easy, and it comes natural. And then sometimes we feel a little bit like we want that girl over there to get sucked up into a tornado and go somewhere else. Like, you know, off to see the wizard. We don’t want her to be harmed. We just want her to go away. Well, in The Sims, you can drop asteroids, send torandoes, arrange an alien takeover, or have a giant dinosaur looking thing like Godzilla just wreck everyone.

Who Will Finish College First, Me or The Sim?

At some point, with a video game expansion called University Life, your sim can go off to college. My Sim and I have been working on a bachelor’s degree for the same amount of time. 11 years. Who will win?

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