Travel – My Best Hack For Traveling With Kids

Travel Is Gonna Go Down!

You made the decision to travel with your kid(s). And you’re dreading it. Because travel with kids is a little bit crazy. Especially to those of us who love planning, organized packing, and things going according to plan. Traveling with kids kinda changes the name of the game. If you aren’t a planner by nature, chances are good that you used to be one of those people who would throw things in a carry-on bag and wing it with little thought. You figured if you needed an item later, you can just replace it at Target later. But, now, as a parent, if Bugsy the Stuffed Elephant doesn’t make it on that airplane, your entire week is going down the toilet.


It’s Not What We Organize, It’s How We Do It

So, you’ve decided to travel. With a kid, or with several. And you need 12 kid items for every single one of the items you pack for yourself. And you’re stressed out, freaking out, dreading the trip, and losing sleep over the knowledge that you’re going to forget something crucial. Generally, you have an idea of how long you’re going to be gone. You know who is going with you. You know what you need to function. Naturally, your brain goes to two place.


Option 1: Let’s just throw all this shit in one suitcase and move it along.

Option 2: Everybody has their own bag. And all the crap for that person is in their bag.


But What If I Told You I Know A Better Way?

Let’s say you’re on a car trip from hell that is lasting several days with a kid. You’ve put 8-12 hours on your car, your joints, and your tired head. And if you listen to the Moana soundtrack one more time, you’re gonna become unhinged. You finally get to your hotel. You know you need clean clothes for yourself and your kids. Most people choose from two options. Fuck it, I’m too tired for this. We’ll get clean clothes in the morning. Or, I’m about to dig through 900 bags to find the 5 things I need for tonight. 

Pack For The Event, Not The Kid

Pack a bag for each day of your trip. Or two bags per day if you’re one of those people who has time to put all your kids in pajamas at the end of the day. Re-usable shopping bags are the best for this. Or gallon zip lock bags within larger storage/luggage options. You want something you can get to easily.

So, let’s say you’re traveling to visit your family for the 4th of July. You know that one time, everyone is going to go swimming. Before and after that, bathing suits are irrelevant and unnecessary. But in the moment, they’re crucial. Pack a bag just for that day, and everyone’s suit goes inside. The matchy red, white, and blue clothes for the family barbecue all go into one place. So that when you’re crammed into a bathroom not much bigger than you, you can quickly get through redressing your kids like an assembly line.

When trips take longer than a couple of days, having these customized bags is fun because as the clothes become dirty or irrelevant, you get to set them aside in the trunk and forget about them. It keeps you from investing time looking through the same stuff over and over again. If you go the zip-loc bag route, you can prematch the clothes for your kid. This level of planning keeps you from one day realizing you packed shirts and no pants.


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