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My Experience With Placenta Encapsulation

What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of having your placenta dehydrated, ground down into a coffee like consistency, and put into capsules for consumption. In the state of Texas, a recent bill was passed that enables you to take home the placenta you birth from the birth center or the hospital. Many people prefer to do something with the placenta instead of sending it to medical waste. For some families, that might be a simple burial under a tree sapling so that the placenta nourishes the tree and the tree grows with your baby. For other people, saving the placenta involves encapsulation.


What Are The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?

  • There is no solid scientific evidence to support placenta encapsulation. All of these benefits are anecdotal from women who have had their placenta encapsulated.
  • Placenta consumption has existed in parts of the world for hundreds of years.
  • Capsules can help you  taper down from your pregnancy hormones as a gradual progression instead of a crash.
  • Consumption of your placenta can create a feeling of having more energy. This is mostly a positive benefit. There are some instances where the person who birthed the placenta said it made them too jittery.
  • Placenta capsules can help with postpartum depression and the baby blues. Postpartum depression is serious, so we’d like to state that if you are struggling, you should seek professional and medical help. No one should suffer.
  • Women report having more milk production for breastfeeding when they consume placenta capsules.

Is Placenta Encapsulation Safe?

It’s important to find a placenta encapsulator that is trained professionally in placenta encapsulation and cares about your safety and well-being. Our encapsulators are professionally trained. We wear protective gear such as googles and sanitary barriers to limit transfer of any bacteria between us and your placenta, and vice versa.

We provide the encapsulation in your home because we believe that you have a better immunity to your home than you do the home of a stranger. In-home encapsulation guarantees that your placenta is yours (because it never left your home once you brought it home) and that it has not come in contact with any contaminants. We steam your placenta before we dehydrate it. The heat of the steaming process and the dehydration process is designed to keep your placenta safe.

The Experience of Placenta Encapsulation

Since placenta encapsulation takes place in your home in the days following the birth of your baby, you have the advantage of having a baby pro right there in the home with you. While our focus is on providing you with a complete encapsulation, we’re also all trained as postpartum doulas. We understand the changes that occur in a family after the birth of a newborn and sometimes you just want to sit in the kitchen and talk to a woman that “gets it” for awhile.

When we arrive at your home, we have a placenta kit that includes all the supplies necessary to complete day 1 of the process. Day 1 takes about two hours. During day 1, we prep your placenta for steaming and dehydration and start the dehydration process. On Day 2, we take your dehydrated placenta and turn it into capsules.

One of the cool things about our service is that you get a dehydrated umbilical cord keepsake (if you want it). It’s kind of neat to be able to keep your baby’s umbilical cord. We even include a box to keep it in. Additional services that can be added are placenta art, and a placenta tincture (a consumable that helps with menstrual pains later on). There’s so much you can do with your placenta! And you can be as involved in the process as you’d like to be, or you can go about your life at home and pretend there isn’t a placenta in your kitchen! It’s up to you!

Continued Support Through Postpartum Doula Support

Additionally, our placenta encapsulation services pairs greatly with postpartum belly binding, and long-term postpartum doula support. When time allows, we assist with questions relating to sleep, feeding the baby, newborn care, babywearing, and generally have some time to help you with some hands on tasks like refilling your water bottle and fetching that heavy thing from the next room. When you pair this service with postpartum support, you get a longer window for us to help you manage your daily tasks such as a warm cup of coffee, a nap, and a shower. At the end of it you have your placenta products ready to go, and feel spectacular.


This link, Houston Central Doulas Placenta Encapsulation will provide you with more information about our placenta encapsulation process.

Placenta Encapsulation Houston

Houston Central Doulas is proud to provide safe, educational, and professional placenta products to families in Houston.


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