Kate Middleton and Mom Shaming

Kate Middleton Had A Baby, And?

Kate Middleton just had another baby. And?

The baby isn’t even a week old yet, and I’m already seeing judgement pieces EVERYWHERE on the internet. I’m sorry. I meant to say, “opinion piece”. That’s exactly what this is as well. Because somebody needs to say, “Seriously, y’all?”

Since when is coming up with cutesy (and oddly British, considering) nicknames for someone else’s vagina really any of our business? Why is it our business what this woman does with her body? Even if she is going to one day be the Queen of England and 15 commonwealths?

Kate Middleton made the choice to be the Duchess of Cambridge. She knew what she was getting into. She knew she’d be under scrutiny forever – especially as she made heirs for the royal family. Is she always thrilled that every smirk, hat, and dress color is the main topic of conversation, and that no matter what she attempts it isn’t perfect to every single person in the world? I imagine that she doesn’t care. I imagine that Kate Middleton is busy living the Kate Middleton had (another) baby life. The life that she chose.

I imagine that she tries to live the picture perfect life that Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy lived up to where you are fashion icon, auditioning for mother of the year, and being the right hand to your man at the same time. Hell, Princess Diana is the mother of her husband and left a legacy that I imagine it’s hard to live up to. A legacy rife with just the tiniest bit of darkness. Can we please not help this new mother acquire postpartum depression? I’m sure she has enough anxiety as it is. Let’s not let the words of strangers convince this woman of who she is.

The Kate Middleton Legacy

It”s too soon to tell what the Kate Middleton legacy is going to be. I hope the Kate Middleton Legacy is the legacy where the only person allowed to have an opinion about Kate Middleton is Kate Middleton.


Mom-Shaming And Other BS

Really, do any of us really know Kate Middleton beyond the face that she presents to the public? If we have commentary about a woman that simply had a picture taken seven hours after having a baby, can we really trust what our friends and family are saying about us behind our backs?

Are Our Mom Shaming Tendencies Based on Our Own Insecurities?

If we’re upset that a woman had a baby and is standing in a dress in public seven hours later, do we resent her for pulling it together because of her perceived role in society? Do we have suppressed feelings about our own birth experiences? Do we think that we should somehow feel bad for her because of choices she made for her own life? Does Kate Middleton trigger some oddly undefinable feeling in your relating to motherhood? Does Kate Middleton make you feel less than? Do you want to adopt her and eat Halo out of the carton with her? What’s the deal? Why do we as women naturally throw labels at other women and try to have any idea of what they think or do, or even what motivates them into those thoughts and actions?

The Thing About Kate Middleton That Actually Matters

What actually matters about Kate Middleton having a baby is how Kate Middleton legitimately feels about it and her recovery. Not Kate, the mom, not Kate who goes by Catherine, but Kate the woman. Kate that is the mind in the body. The Kate that went through the marathon of birthing a baby. The Kate that isn’t immune to leaking boobs and lochia for six-ish weeks.


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