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What Does A Postpartum Doula Do?

I’ve been a postpartum doula for a long time. Yet, it’s still difficult to explain what I do in a service description page on a website without telling you a story and painting a picture. Sometimes that can be a case of TL;DR if you just want to know the basics to find out if a postpartum doula is right for you.  But, if you’ve ever wanted to know the details of what I do while working as a postpartum doula, this is for you.



Postpartum Doulas Are Magical Unicorns.


There is no one right way to hire a postpartum doula and understand the scope of what she’ll do before she gets there. But I guarantee that postpartum doulas are like magical unicorns. We’re trained in newborn care in ways that relate to sleep, feeding, and general care. But the bonus is that we’re also mothers who understand the daily grind of being someone to everyone while rarely getting time to enjoy time to celebrate the you that is you outside of your role as a mother, wife, business person, housekeeper, or whatever other ways you identify based on whatever your daily to-do list looks like.  This goes for dads, too. Each of you had an identity before you had a family, and it’s important to find time for yourself in the midst of being the badass you are in your family. Postpartum doulas are magical unicorns because they blast away the daily crap that bogs you down so that you are free to connect with your baby, your partner, your self, and get sleep.


You’re The Boss

A postpartum doula is simply an extra set of hands. That does whatever you want them to do as it pertains to family and newborn care along with some household management. We’ll help you when and if you ask us to with advice, recommendations on baby products that work and are worth the moolah, and we’ll gladly listen if you just want some time to talk and vent about life after baby. Or, we’ll be quietly in the background. You’re the boss. So what you want, and how you want it, is perfectly in your control.


I’m Game For Whatever Needs Done

I’ve been asked to do a lot of things during my shifts, and I’m game for whatever makes you happy, makes your baby content, and helps you navigate the daunting to-do list of daily life.  Even if you don’t have an actual to-do list in hand, we know that you have a mental list of daily practices that keep you fed, well-rested, sane, and balanced. And we want to do what we can to help you maintain it.

My shifts have been as short as two hours, or as long as ten hours in a row. Sometimes I work with families for one night. Sometimes I work for a family full-time for months on end.  At times I work during the day, other times I work at night.

Sometimes a family needs some hardcore sleep in order to function, and other times a family needs an extra set of hands for the day to day grind so that they can go right to sleep at night.


I’m A Baby And Task Master Extraordinaire

Every postpartum doula has a different set of what they’re willing to do during a shift. In my case, I feel like I am a baby and task master extraordinaire.  I love helping new families. I like spreading feelings of peace and well-being. I like when you’re confident and rocking new parenthood life. Sometimes all you need from me is some encouragement and to know that you are confident and rocking life. I also secretly like organization, making the biggest amount of difference in a short amount of time, and seeing the look on your face when all the laundry has been taken out of your bed and put away.

I willingly run errands for families. You need pacifiers but don’t want to go on a trek with a new baby to get them? Handled. You need your grocery order picked up? Handled.  You want someone to snuggle your baby while you get a massage? Handled. You want a shower or afternoon nap without having to do a breath check on your baby every two minutes? Handled.

I help with meal prep. I know you have fruit and vegetables that you need cut up to have a quick and healthy snack. I know your water pitcher is on its last leg and needs a refill. But doing it with one hand and no sleep is hard. I’ll handle it.


I Know What You Need, And So Do You!

I’m a pro at taking a look around and intuitively knowing what you most need me to do. When I walk in and there’s half eaten toast and cold coffee on the table, I know to hold your baby while you eat. Let’s warm up that coffee, shall we?

I help with the insane piles of baby laundry, clean bottle and pump parts, take the diapers to the curb, restock the nursery and changing stations with diapers, wipes, and everything that is part of your routine so that you aren’t wandering around wondering if you’re out of diapers at 3am.

I’ve gone for walks with mom and baby, just baby, or with beloved fur babies.  (My logo is a stroller, so I feel like this is a given. ;))

I help parents that work from home. I’m likely to wear their baby in a sling and tackle some laundry while they write their next great novel or tackle the daily grind that comes along with work from home life. Ever wanted to make a phone call in peace with a new baby? Postpartum doula.

I’ve worked for families where both parents return to work and I’m basically a nanny where I tend to the baby all day until the parents return home at night.

I have done overnight shifts where I sat with a baby all night, fed it from a bottle at feedings, changed diapers, and got it back to sleep. The family woke up to a happy baby and an omelet.

Ever wanted to be even more of a boss and actually just make your wishes for the day known and it would happen? I’m your girl. If you don’t want baby help and all you want is for your life to go on while you snuggle your precious new baby, it’s handled. Just point at the dishes, or the package on the front steps, or the laundry, and it’ll get done.

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