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Do you have a love/hate relationship with maternity clothes? There’s nothing quite like acquiring a second wardrobe to show off your bump.  If you’re anything like me, you wish things would stay in style just a tab bit longer – so that you can wear those stretchy maternity pants with panels just a tab bit longer,  or maybe forever. Have you ever worn a nursing bra two years past weaning because it was awesomely comfortable? Guilty!

Some women want to hide the baby bump from their mother in law as long as possible and choose super baggy ancient band shirts. Other women are going to grab a shirt that clearly divides the bump from the breasts. It accentuates the bump and is form fitting and flattering. Plus, if you’ve gained a cup size or more in the breast department, you might be kind of proud.

Out of curiosity, I took an interest in Googling the history of maternity clothing last night. Surely, this has to be something that’s been coming into fashion for centuries. Sure enough, I found several sources that referred to the time immediately following the Baroque period that say women were wearing their husband’s waist coats. Since they didn’t close all the way in the front, they’d wear aprons in the front to cover the gap. It’s good to know we’ve been finding maternity hacks forever. I smiled to myself when I read that and thought about wearing a non-maternity hospital gown a week postpartum and how it required one worn the right way, and one worn backwards. I even started looking at pictures for maternity clothes through recent decades. Of course I started with what Kate Middleton and the likes of Kim Kardashian wear. There was a surge in the maternity clothing industry when we started paying more attention to celebrities during the 90s. I rehashed the look of overalls in the 90s. Denim was so in. Denim dresses, denim overalls with skirts, denim maternity overalls. The list goes on. Denim overalls weren’t quite the whole look – you had to wear black hats while listening to The Cranberries to finish the look.

In a world where we no longer have to wear tents (unless we want to), where is maternity fashion in 2016? And what are some classic pieces we’ll be able to wear for subsequent pregnancies? As we veer away from times where workplace pregnancy discrimination is a thing, more and more women are working longer through their pregnancy and returning to work earlier than generations before us.


2016 Houston Maternity Trends

– Modern professional wear. For when you’re pregnant and still the boss.
– Bootcut Jeans. These are never going to be a fad. They’ve been around forever and are going to stay around forever.
– Custom made maternity tees are trending. Whether it’s a baby eviction notice for those stubborn 42 weekers or a baby loading t-shirt, places like Cafe Press will hook you up. You can even design your own shirts from scratch!
– Comfortable long tops. Unlike the tents of yesteryear, the elastic and stretchy fabrics stay form flattering and grow with you.
– Short coats are totally in right now. As we continue to embrace the freezing temps of winter, the short jacket keeps you warm and fashionable without tripping over your apparel
– Accessories. Wraps and shawls serve as a fashionable way to cover the bump or assist you with breastfeeding without having to wear blankets and flowery patterned breastfeeding covers that might not be your jam at all.

Maternity Clothes

Nordstrom – ‘Coco’ Maternity Dress – $245

Wal-Mart – Labor of Love Maternity Full Panel Bootcut Trouser Jeans – $16

Cafe Press – Baby Eviction Maternity Dark T-Shirt – $34.99

Gap –  Pure Body Crewneck Tee- $19.95 

A Pea In The Pod – Fashionista Maternity Trench Coat – $148 

A Woman’s Work – DEMDACO City Wrap – $40 

Houston Maternity Stores

Nine Maternity
7900 Fannin St. #1490
Houston, TX 77054

6225 Kirby Dr.
Houston, Texas 77005

A Pea In The Pod
2367 Rice Blvd.

A Woman’s Work
5110 Buffalo Speedway #202
Houston, TX 77005

Destination Maternity
5135 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77056

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