Houston Central Doulas – Building Community From The Inside Out

The Houston Central Doulas team is comprised of six incredible women who combined their passion for supporting families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, and parenting with a commitment to building a community.

When you hire Houston Central Doulas, you aren’t just buying a service. You’re buying an experience. We’re going to be with you every step of the way. We’re going to help you  put the power and confidence back into birth & parenting. You’re going to know that we’re going to catch you if you feel like you are in free fall. We want you to focus on the intimate journey that is welcoming a baby, while knowing that you are sheltered in a warm, peaceful, professional, and welcoming tribe of women who have been where you are currently.

Focused On The Family

Welcoming a new baby is, in fact, a very exciting time. There is nothing like meeting your baby for the first time, hearing their little sounds, and sniffing their heads. Traditionally, a doula supports you during birth. We’ve broadened the definition. We are part of the tribe that is revolutionizing doula care by extending services from conception through baby’s first year. At every step in your journey, we are prepared to offer you a professional who is experienced and qualified for exactly where you are. We provide seamless care to families in Houston. We respond quickly to e-mails and calls. We welcome you to contact us at any point. In fact, we encourage it.

When your doula walks into your hospital room, birth center, or your home, we want to have a relationship with your family that is ongoing so that you know you are supported for the long haul. We greatly care about you and want you to know that we support you, and not just because you pay us. Together, we coordinate your care so that you always trust that your doula is going to be there exactly when you want her.

We have created extensive systems that allow you to book and pay for many of our services online. (And we’re growing it all the time.) Houston Central Doulas wants you to quickly know that we’re here for you. By making the business end fast and efficient, we’re creating more time for our doulas to be present with YOU in the moments that matter most.

Houston Central Doulas  Team Building Exercise: 

Our team is passionate about recognizing your roles in your life. We know that you’re having a new baby, or you wouldn’t be here. But you are more than baby’s parent. We honor the you that is you when you are alone. The relationships you have in your social life. The special relationship between you and your partner. The relationships you have with your colleagues. All of those roles are important, and they look different from day to day.

Our owner, Moriah Burke, is passionate about providing seamless care to families in Houston. When we tell you that we have a main team, we want you to know that we really are a team. Not just a pile of doulas thrown together. We actively participate in team meetings and collaborative care. We take the time to honor the doula in each of us. We also take time to see each other as unique women, and not just colleagues. And we each have a role within HCD that elevates the company.

In that vein, as the owner, I did not want to introduce each doula based on what I think of her. Nor did I want her to write about herself. I asked each doula to write about their team members in order to provide you with the beginnings of a 360 degree view of who that person is.  Sometimes, when we talk about ourselves, we worry what others will think of us. There are ways where we dial back, or are slow to share our strengths.

I wanted to share our strengths. Compiled together, this is a gift from me to the team. A place where they can come to celebrate their strengths. and a place for you to begin to meet them.

The “rubric” below represents how each doula would describe themselves as a doula, how they present over coffee, and who they are within our team.

Moriah Burke

Moriah Burke

Owner. Birth & Postpartum Doula. Childbirth Educator. Postpartum Placenta Specialist.

As A Doula: 






Passionate about helping families find their confidence and power in pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, and parenting

As A Person: 


“Quietly Brilliant. She is the nuts and bolts of this whole thing – HCD and birth work in general. She is a determined chick and I trust her collaborative vision.”

“Persistent AF (can we cuss here?) I honestly don’t know how she does it all. That brain of hers is going 500 miles a minute with some genius stuff up there. Meanwhile, I am still writing this summary she asked for 3 days ago. I strive to be like her one day.”



Role Within HCD:

“The Fountain of Life (She is the head, and we are the happy hands.)”

“Guiding hand.”

“Ambassador, taking our input and combining it with her vast knowledge to present us to the world as a polished commodity and ensuring we reach the right people in the best way.”

“As the owner of HCD, I help connect families with the support they crave through creating seamless systems within the business, and by providing the clients options for not only their care, but finding the right doula for them. I work tirelessly to streamline the business so that your call is always answered, your e-mails aren’t ignored, and you can often book last minute appointments and same day services.”

Stephi Anderson

Stephi Anderson

Birth Doula. Childbirth Educator. Placenta Encapsulator.

As A Doula: 








As A Person:


“Trustworthy. She is the one you can count on in whatever way she is called upon!  it will get done with a smile and hair toss! Love her!”

“She strikes me as the balance keeper. She has brought great insight to different ideas and has often voiced what I was thinking but unable to put into words. I want to tap into her fountain of knowledge whenever I can.”

“Convicted. I have deep convictions about everything that sometimes cause me to respond too quickly, think I know more than I actually do, and have taught me that I often need to step wayyy back from a situation and re-process all my feelings about it to incorporate new information and re-shape my view.”

“Stephi is loving, patient, and kind. As I typed the above comment from her own words, I felt a deep sense of respect for her honesty and the way that she understands herself while being willing to grow. When Stephi has a conversation with you, you are absolutely certain that she is really listening to you. She is open, friendly, and connected to the moment that she is sharing with you.”

Role Within HCD: 

“Willingness to serve. (Nothing is ever too big or too small for her.)”

“Consistent resource.”

“Keeper of the sacred texts – Whenever we discuss and set our guiding principles as a group, you can trust that I will guard and cherish them like they are my child. I feel like an organization is nothing without core principles to hold it together.”

“Stephi is a humble worker bee. She is quietly moving and shaking to help get things done. She doesn’t realize how essential she is. She makes hard things seem easy and seamless. She helps connect ideas and quickly gets them into a physical form that can be shared with our clients to help them maximize their baby planning.”

Kelley Ellis

Kelley Ellis

Birth Doula

As A Doula:






Rational – You can take the girl out of engineering, but you can’t take the engineering out of the girl



As A Person: 

“Kind (She follows her convictions and stays true to her compassionate heart.)”

“The Epitome of Warrior Woman. An undeniable force in all ways. She is capable and wonderful to be around. Her will to have the life she wants makes it possible for others to have that same access.”

“She is motivated to make this happen. She has some great training and she has reminded me of some back to basics stuff I need to refocus on.”

“Loyal. Example, I’m a Houston sports fan.”


“Kelley really is everything you’d look for in a Warrior Woman. (We’re comparing her to a warrior because she owns Texas Warrior Childbirth.) She is strong and capable. She is observant and quiet when it is appropriate. She is aware of her environment, relationships, and how they all feed into each other. She is powerful because she knows how to remain grounded and to stay in place. In that way, she is consistent and stable.”

Role Within HCD: 

“Keeps us grounded.”

“Her role is the logical thinker I think we all greatly need. She brings a cool point of view when I’m lost in the clouds.”

“My role within the team is: the rookie. I’ve got 18 years of regular world work experience in a diverse work community, and 4 years of absolutely getting my butt kicked between Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu has prepared me to be prepared to remain cool under pressure. And after almost always being the only woman in a meeting or team, I’m so excited to be surrounded by women who have all decided to dedicate ourselves to building other women up.”

“Advocate, keeping us close to the client experience.”

“Kelley really is the logical thinker of the group. She wants concrete goals and metrics. In a sea of dreamers, she helps keep the tent from blowing away. Many times in meetings, she’s, “That’s a great idea, guys. But what are the action steps? How does it work? And we need that. Our clients want that.”

Alexandra Tran

Alexandra Tran

Birth & Postpartum Doula

As A Doula:








As A Person:

“Strong (Even though she may not see it.)”

“Ray of Sunshine. She lights up the room with her passion to keep life real and fun. She is going places and she is taking us with her!”



“Alex is the gorgeous and funny social butterfly. She’s so real and authentic that it’s magnetic. She doesn’t sugar coat or BS her social relationships. She knows how to read a room. When everyone in that room is happy, she brings the party to life. When the room has a case of the blues, she picks up the pieces and makes us all laugh.  Alex knows when to laugh at herself in a way that shows us that life isn’t always Pinterest perfect. She doesn’t yet understand that being able to connect women together into an authentic tribe is her super power.”

Role Within HCD:

“Keeps us realistic by asking good questions and giving her unique perspectives.”

“I am the resident hype girl. We have some really awesome talent on this team and I don’t want anyone’s voice to fall in between the cracks (not because we are not listening, but because there’s SO much goodness coming in all at once.)”

‘Encourager/counselor, offering insight and experience to everyone in the group and fostering relationships to keep us strong.”

“Alex lightens the mood. She is well connected to the group and is knowledgeable in her industry. She asks practical questions. She’s almost like the guard rails. Her approach is sometimes, ” Y’all. I did that once. I don’t want to do that again.” She makes the team better. When she speaks, I want to know what happens next. Alex is a hustler and almost always with a client, but when I’m in a meeting with her I’m always looking to her for a funny gesture or face. I don’t know how you can leave a room that Alex has been in without having some serious pain from laughing so hard. Do you want to laugh your baby out?”

Natasha Wright

Natasha Wright

Birth & Postpartum Doula. Massage Therapist.

As A Doula: 









As A Person:

“Radiant (I am in love with her dreams and her aspirations.)”


“Natasha is a force to be reckoned with. Ideas and passion that flow from every pore of her body. We could legit make magic happen if we figured out a way to bottle it.”


“Natasha is a cheerleader.  A person who sees the whole person sitting in front of her. She is passionate, and fired up about making positive change in the world. Every time I am out with her socially, she is constantly talking to strangers and handing them a platter of loving affirmations No one is a stranger to Natasha. You could meet her on the street, spend five minutes with her, and walk away convinced she is now your honorary family member.”

Role Within HCD:

“Inspirational (Her passions propel us all towards a higher level.)”

“The Compassionate Visionary. I can see the dream, I can sense the needs of the time and compassionately navigate our way through.”


“Innovator, bringing new ideas and perspectives to help us be the best for our clients.”

“Natasha is honestly indescribable. She has a role within our group, but she also carefully and loving creates lasting one on one relationships. She helps to keep the group collaborative and functioning on the same page.”

Kelsey Zuchlewski

Kelsey Zuchlewski

Birth Doula.

As A Doula:

Hands off






As A Person: 


“Go with the flow.”

“Effective And Resourceful. She knows when and how to move and to whom to call upon to bring the picture to life. She has a quiet fierceness about her. I immediately felt her embrace and desire to create a world that’s ideal and real to thrive in.”

“She is a nurturer. I love being in her presence because I feel so cared for and almost cradled. Girl, it’s a vibe.”


“Kelsey is a cool calm. Always gives the impression of having her life together. She is organized and detail oriented. But she doesn’t let that get in the way of connecting or having a good time. She’s like a facilitator. Need to know where to buy a cookie, where the restroom is, or need to sit for a second? Kelsey knows where everything is to make sure you’re comfortable. She easily makes everyone she meets feel included.”

Role Within HCD: 

“The social quilter (I help to keep the random bits and people together.)”

“Calming direction.”

“Moderator, keeping us on point in every way.”

“Den mother. She’s got snacks. Some of which are home made. She’s got a Mary Poppins purse. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s got an extension cord in there for all your Wi-Fi needs. Kelsey is very intuitive about figuring out what you need to feel at home and comfortable. She’s also the doula welcome wagon. New to doula work? Want to know how to train and become a doula? Kelsey will help you get it all figured out. Birthing with Kelsey as your doula? Willing to bet your birth space feels like home, even if it isn’t. “