Gather The People, Items, Tricks, And Tools for Birth & Baby

Gather Together: An Art Form

The nesting urge that hits late in the third trimester is natural, and we all experience it. But, if you’ll notice, the urge to prepare for baby kicks in the second that you find out you’re going to be a parent. You have to feather your nest.  The urge to gather all of the things now is so normal. Nothing like being in the present, right?

Gathering As A Comfort Measure For Labor

Gathering is a comfort measure for labor because it helps to affirm that you are safe, protected, prepared, and ready to meet baby. And, what’s more, you won’t have to run to Target in the middle of the night during your first week home. If you’re one of those people that can have a baby with just a pack of diapers and some boobs, I admire you. But, I, and most of my clients, are major planners. And we can not sleep at night unless our actual planner is close by and we have a plan in place for plans A-Z.


Gather The Birth Team

During pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, we go through many gathering phases. We gather our birth team that consists of our partner, the doctor or midwife, a doula maybe, who we want in the room, and who our photographers are going to be.


Baby Has More Clothes Than I Do

We gather baby items. They pile up from Amazon Prime like it’s black Friday. Bassinets, strollers, baby wraps, breast pumps, clothes, baby hats, baby blankets. Who knew someone so little could have so much stuff?! And don’t we all wish we had someone to pay for our stuff like they do?


Gathering Preferred Birth + Parenting Preferences


We gather together our birth plan. Where do we want to labor? When are we going to go into labor? Do we want an epidural or not? Do we want baby with us or to go to the nursery? Am I going to breastfeed or not? When do I go back to work? What are we going to eat when we go home? (Hint: Our Birth + Parenting classes can help with all of that.)


Gather A Postpartum Care Team


Then we gather our postpartum team. Who is going to visit? How long are they going to stay? Can we really tell them to handle the dishes and the mail? You pile up all the delivery menus on your night stand. We know the Shipt Shoppers on a first name basis. Yes, please bring me groceries from the internet. Who doesn’t want that? 


No one understands the nesting and preparation urge like a woman who has been there. Instead of letting the tasks pile up around you, you can take it slow starting in your first trimester or turn it into a community events. Your family & friends want to help you prepare for baby. Let them take you shopping. Allow them to help paint the nursery or hang decor. Let them make really strange things for the baby. The bigger your tribe, the more prepared and supported you will feel. And always, always accept free food.


If you have a pinterest board that you started in early pregnancy, link me in the comments.

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