D is For Doula

Doula: Your Coach For Game Day

A Doula Is Worth The Moolah!

A doula is a professional that supports you during pregnancy and labor. And the right doula will even support you during the first several weeks of life with your new baby. I can’t talk to you about doulas as a whole, since I don’t represent them. What I can do is tell you about me as a doula.

Even if I were not a doula, I would hire a doula for the births of my children. In fact, processing the birth of my son is what made me even learn what a doula was. I thought about all of the things I wanted from the birth (and didn’t have). I started learning more about birth. And the word “Doula” popped up in Google long before doulas were cool.

In my last blog post, Houston Birth + Parenting Classes, I mentioned how our certified childbirth educators come straight to your home on your schedule to help teach and guide you about birth and parenting. What if you could have a support person (doula) in the room and a childbirth educator wrapped up in the same person? That’s me. Having me in the room with you is like having someone there who is supporting you through the live play by plays and helping to keep you up to speed on what is happening and how to roll with it.


Birth Doulas

A birth doula is someone who helps you navigate the entirety of your labor and birth with ease and confidence – except for the medical aspects. While a midwife or OB/GYN focuses on the physical health of you and your baby, the doula focuses on providing you with information about the endless sea of options presented to you, encourages you in the methods that are right for you, and makes sure that your head and heart in a good place.

A doula is like having a female tribe with you as you labor.

It’s like having your mom or your best friend there. But we don’t have an opinion or too much of an emotional attachment to you. We care about you and want you to be happy, but we aren’t going to influence your decisions.

The reason that it feels like you have a tribe supporting you is because we have experience with dozens of births. Every woman, birth, body, and baby is unique. We have seen it all. And are fully prepared and qualified to support you no matter what.

And we will do so calmly and attentively. Our birth doulas are very familiar with pregnancy, birth, infant feeding methods, and parenting. We’re fully prepared to be an ear during pregnancy, an enthusiastic coach during birth, help you get situated with breast or bottle feeding, and figure out a postpartum plan for ensuring that you get off to an amazing start with your new tiny human and your changed family dynamic.

Our Birth Doula Services. 

Postpartum Doulas

A postpartum doula kicks in once you’ve kicked your baby out of your uterus. A postpartum doula can assist you from your very first night home with baby. Our postpartum doulas assist with questions relating to being comfortable during postpartum recovery. (*ahem* Padsicles.) We can help you feed your baby. We know what’s normal, and what’s not. And it’s totally okay to not be normal. We can help you get a good latch, or find the right bottle. We’ll help take the gross diapers to the trash or the laundry. We will refill your cup – literally and emotionally. We’ll make sure you’ve eaten. We’ will encourage you to nap. We’ll take care of your baby while you shower. You can cry in front of us for no reason and we won’t judge you. We’ll help with light housework.

Our Postpartum Services 

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