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Tucson Doulas: Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations For You

This week Tucson Doulas has provided you with a downloadable copy of birth affirmations. One of the things that I love about their blog of Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations For You is that affirmation is defined as, “something declared to be true”.  What do you proudly declare as your truth? What do you celebrate about yourself, your body, and your baby as you work together? If you’re looking for ideas to boost your affirmations, Angela Horn provides a great download and visual that organizes the affirmations into 4 pillars based on your body, your baby, your birth, and your recovery.


Fort Worth Birth Associates: Do I Need A Doula If I’ve Hired A Midwife?

Barbara Davis of Fort Worth Doula Associates answers a very popular question in her blog Do I Need A Doula If I’ve Hired A Midwife?  This blog is similar to the one that I posted earlier this week explaining that a birth assistant and a doula are different except that Barbara is better with words.  My favorite thing about this blog is that the midwife mentioned in the blog encourages families to hire a doula. Check out Barbara’s blog if you’re interested in knowing the differences and the focus of each the midwife and the doula.


Did You Know?

There are doulas all over North America, and even all over the world. If you’re interested in learning more about doulas in your area, or hiring a doula, a simple Google search for “Your City Doula” will return a list of results. You can also visit the search for a doula page with ProDoula.


This week in blogs is a Friday series dedicated to providing you with current and relevant material relating to all things pregnancy, birth, your time postpartum, recovery, and overall family care.

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