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The Benefits of Private Birth Classes

Birth Classes in Houston Can Be Done From The Comforts Of Your Own Home

If you’ve Googled birth classes in Houston, you know that you have a lot of options. You want a birth class that is close to home. You want a birth class that is affordable. You want a birth class that is going to be geared toward your ideal birth, your goals, and your parenting philosophies. What if I told you that there was a birth class that you could take in your living room? What if I told you that it’s completely affordable? What if the class only provided information that was catered to you? Welcome, you’re in the right place.


The Benefits Of Houston Central Doulas Private In-Home Classes

  • Hiring a private childbirth educator saves you time. You can schedule for a time that you and your partner are home.
  • You can schedule your own birth class for weekdays, weekends, or evenings.
  • You get to decide on the length of your class because you pay for it based on time through our price per hour method.
  • You can break your class into as many sessions as you want, or do it in an evening.
  • You can take your birth class in your pajamas.
  • You can say whatever you want without fear of judgement.
  • You can ask any question that you want, and get an immediate answer.
  • Your childbirth educator will cater the teaching to an understanding of your goals, philosophies, learning styles, questions, and fears.
  • Your childbirth educator will help you learn newborn care through the products you have already purchased for your home. Curious as to how to set up the baby monitor, or how to use your cool new baby bathtub? We’ll help you practice.
  • You don’t have to learn a specific method of childbirth education such as Lamaze, Bradley, or other options. Unless, of course, you want to. Our childbirth curriculum is based on the How, When, Why model that goes over the information that is normal relating to birth and then caters the remainder of the information to what benefits you specifically.

Please see our Houston Central Doulas Price catalog to learn more about how to mix and match our services. Childbirth education starts at $35 per hour.


To learn more about the process we used for our childbirth education certification and the subjects we were taught, please read the description for ProDoula’s  How, When, and Why CBE Curriculum 

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