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All About Postpartum Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Women – Losing Hair After Having A Baby

Chances are good that if you’re reading this, you’ve been one of the women to suddenly notice heaps of hair clogging up your drains and obviously dwelling in your tub and making you crazy. Or you may have noticed that your hair feels thinner, or you can see more of your scalp than you are used to. Your hair may even be coming out in clumps.  I’ve seen plenty of pictures in mom groups of women that have used the hair in the drains to write words or question marks on the shower doors while wondering what the heck is happening.

Postpartum hair loss is one of those things that we’re often not informed about before it happens. When we begin to lose more hair postpartum, we even often forget that it’s postpartum hair loss and suddenly worry that we’re getting really, really sick or need to change out our hair products and maybe not curl or straighten our hair so much. If you’ve had a new baby in the past year, chances are favorable that this is simply postpartum hair loss.

No Worries. Postpartum Hair Loss Is Completely Normal. 

Postpartum hair loss usually ends by six months to one year postpartum. While you may miss your super luxurious pregnancy hair, you’ll be back to your usual prebaby mane by the time baby’s first birthday rolls around. Your shedding of hair won’t hurt you. If you’re worried about your drains, or wet hair makes you twitch, you can invest in a hair catcher or drain protector to catch the hair and dispose of it before you have time to gag.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss? 

Estrogen, one of the main hormones related to pregnancy, causes some of your hair to go into a  growing phase during pregnancy when it would normally shed. Hormones are responsible for everything, seriously. When your baby is born, your level of estrogen gradually tapers off until you are back at the level of estrogen that is natural for your body in a non-pregnant state. The leveling off of your levels of estrogen triggers your hair into a shedding phase again.

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