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V Is For Visualization

Visualization As A Tool For Labor Visualization is a useful tool that can be used during labor while you are working hard to meet your baby. The act of visualization means holding an image of something in your mind that is used to bring you feelings of peace and contentment. houstondoula

Virtual Postpartum Support Group

This week, we’ve connected with Kathryn Tipton, licensed counselor at Houston Center For Valued Living and guest blog author today. We were excited when she reached out to us to let us know about her services. We’re especially excited about her virtual postpartum support group.    houstondoula

Feeding My Baby Is So Boring

Feeding Your Baby Sucks Sometimes Sometimes, feeding your baby sucks. What? Can I really say that aloud? Yes, I can. And you can, too. I won’t judge you if you feel this way. Common Infant Feeding Methods When your baby is a newborn, you are usually feeding them one of four ways: Breastfeeding with direct […]

But I Didn’t Plan A Labor Induction

Induction Wasn’t In The Birth Plan You’re expecting your first baby. You took a birth class that prepared you for a routine labor where your body begins labor on its own. Your notes were meticulous on how to tell when you are in labor and when to head to the hospital or birth center. In […]

Coparenting With Expectations

When Two Become Three, Or More We all know that things change when you enter into a long-term romantic partnership. You went from eating ice cream for dinner to having a conversation with your partner about what you both want to eat for dinner. Parenting is a lot like that. As individuals, we all have […]

Support Is Comforting

Nothing Feels Better Than Support One of the best things we can do for another person is to support them in their choices. True support involves active listening, considering all of the options, remaining fair and impartial, and not trying to coax someone into making a choice because it is the choice that we would […]