Feeding My Baby Is So Boring

Feeding Your Baby Sucks Sometimes

Sometimes, feeding your baby sucks.

What? Can I really say that aloud? Yes, I can. And you can, too. I won’t judge you if you feel this way.

Common Infant Feeding Methods

When your baby is a newborn, you are usually feeding them one of four ways:

  1. Breastfeeding with direct breast to baby transfer.
  2. Pumped milk that is fed to your baby in a bottle.
  3. With formula in a bottle.
  4. A combination of some or all of the above.

The First Latch When Breastfeeding

I’m totally fine with you deciding before your baby is born to never breastfeed at all. Your body, your baby, your choice! However, what I commonly see is that women choose to try breastfeeding for at least the first few days.

No lie, the first time you try to breastfeed your baby, it’s weird. Other mammals squeeze out their young and the babies latch by themselves. But with you and your baby, getting a great latch is like a dance where you don’t feel like you have enough hands.

Sometimes you feel like either you or your baby is broken. I promise neither of you are broken. Sometimes babies have lip or tongue ties, or sometimes your breasts are doing things you never realized. For example, it’s normal for some women to have flat or inverted nipples. There are tips and tricks to navigate every type of breast and baby. If you have questions about that, call me or let’s do a “boob whispering” session!

Pumping Breastmilk

I want to detour into pumping or a quick second. Pumping is when feeding your baby literally sucks. Like a vacuum cleaner.  I can’t recommend enough a pump that is double electric and hands free like a freemie cup. You feel less like an octopus if you can use your hands. And none of us want to be an octopus.

Feeding My Baby Was Great, But Now It’s Not

So you finally figure out the baby feeding situation like the awesome mom you are. It’s day 3, and your milk finally looks like milk, or you’ve finally settled on a formula brand.

The first few days that you’re feeding your baby, it’s magical. Baby is here! Baby is snuggled up with you! They are cute! They smell good! You don’t mind feeding them because you are so present in that moment with them.

But then time ticks by and you have to either return to work, or get back into your daily routine. And you feel trapped. Trapped by this tiny human you would do anything for. You feel tied down. You start to realize it may take 45-60 minutes for a baby to eat. And by the time you do that, and shower, and eat, and take a quick nap, it’s time to do it all again. At first, if you try to extend the time by even an hour, your breasts feel like swollen watermelons, or your baby is pissed.

Small Tips To Make Feeding Your Baby More About You

I want to share some tips with you that help turn feeding your baby into something that resembles your self-care.

It’s normal for women to get so focused on the task of feeding their baby that they forget they can do anything else.

Bring baby to you, don’t bring yourself to baby. Get comfortable. Prop yourself on pillows. Get a foot stool. Even with formula feeding. Don’t crouch over baby. Bring yourself a cold glass of water and a snack.

Guess what? You can turn on the TV. Binge watch all the shows you’re behind on in Netflix.

Listen to podcasts, or music. You’re allowed to relax.

You can call a friend or a family member you don’t get to talk to very often.

Breastfeed or formula feed with the baby in a sling so you have one or both hands free to eat, hold a book, or scroll through Facebook.

When you realize that you’re important and part of the feeding equation, it becomes a little bit more bearable to ease into it feeding your baby while enjoying it.

It’s easy and normal to think of feeding your baby is a chore. If you can, try to think of it as a way to unwind. I know there’s so many things on your mind. You want to get to those things. You don’t want to sit for an hour. Allow your mind and body to unwind and relax for this time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to feed a certain way, get a certain amount, or any other factor. You’re doing the best you can.

But I Didn’t Plan A Labor Induction

Induction Wasn’t In The Birth Plan

You’re expecting your first baby. You took a birth class that prepared you for a routine labor where your body begins labor on its own. Your notes were meticulous on how to tell when you are in labor and when to head to the hospital or birth center. In your opinion,  labor and birth are a completely normal experience. You trust your body and you trust that labor happens a certain way. In your opinion, birth is not a medical event, but you feel safest having a baby in the hospital just in case.

And so you wait patiently for baby. By 39 weeks, you are so ready for baby to come. Because all you want to do is sleep on your stomach again. You’ve got a bit of pregnancy insomnia, so you stay up late. You are propped up against the headboard with an awesome birth book in your hands and a steaming cup of hot chocolate on the night stand. You’re so excited that baby can be here literally at any moment.


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