Time Out – Why I Put Myself In Time Out

Time Outs

We all know what a time out is. It’s focusing your nose in a corner, or sitting in a chair with a timer set equal to one minute for each year old you are. Most of the time, it’s actually a nap.

When Is A Time Out Necessary?

Honestly, we usually put our kids into time out when we are frazzled out of our minds. They’re making bad choices. They know better. You’ve told them a thousand times. What spawns these breaks from reason that our children are having? It’s usually exhaustion with a heavy side dish of FOMO (fear of missing out.)

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The Benefits of Private Birth Classes

Birth Classes in Houston Can Be Done From The Comforts Of Your Own Home

If you’ve Googled birth classes in Houston, you know that you have a lot of options. You want a birth class that is close to home. You want a birth class that is affordable. You want a birth class that is going to be geared toward your ideal birth, your goals, and your parenting philosophies. What if I told you that there was a birth class that you could take in your living room? What if I told you that it’s completely affordable? What if the class only provided information that was catered to you? Welcome, you’re in the right place.


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Futile Dreams of A Mom’s Day Off

I thought about writing 10 Amazing Mom Hacks For Cleaning, but…that’s not fun. Maybe tomorrow.

What is fun is imagining a mom’s day off where the only thing that matters is what I want. Dream along with me. Think of these like Harry Potter titles. Mom’s Day Off And The __________.

Mom’s Day Off – A Sleep Venture

It starts asleep, like all good things. The type of sleep you had before you were a mom, or a wife, or a business owner, or had a single responsibility. No matter how close to noon it is, the room stays dark. At some point, after sleeping in a giant pillow mountain that smells like home and the scent of the person whom you love and share your bed with, your body naturally decides it is ready to wake up. And nothing hurts.  Your breath tastes a little bit like a caramel macchiato. And you notice that you have a caffeine IV because in fantasy land of a mom’s day off caffeine and sleep do go together. As you gracefully stumble from your slumber, no one asks you if you’re alive or comments on how much sleep you needed before your body just permanently shut down and sent your soul off into the fifth dimension.

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Kate Middleton Had A Baby, And?

Kate Middleton just had another baby. And?

The baby isn’t even a week old yet, and I’m already seeing judgement pieces EVERYWHERE on the internet. I’m sorry. I meant to say, “opinion piece”. That’s exactly what this is as well. Because somebody needs to say, “Seriously, y’all?”

Since when is coming up with cutesy (and oddly British, considering) nicknames for someone else’s vagina really any of our business? Why is it our business what this woman does with her body? Even if she is going to one day be the Queen of England and 15 commonwealths?

Kate Middleton made the choice to be the Duchess of Cambridge. She knew what she was getting into. She knew she’d be under scrutiny forever – especially as she made heirs for the royal family. Is she always thrilled that every smirk, hat, and dress color is the main topic of conversation, and that no matter what she attempts it isn’t perfect to every single person in the world? I imagine that she doesn’t care. I imagine that Kate Middleton is busy living the Kate Middleton had (another) baby life. The life that she chose.

I imagine that she tries to live the picture perfect life that Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy lived up to where you are fashion icon, auditioning for mother of the year, and being the right hand to your man at the same time. Hell, Princess Diana is the mother of her husband and left a legacy that I imagine it’s hard to live up to. A legacy rife with just the tiniest bit of darkness. Can we please not help this new mother acquire postpartum depression? I’m sure she has enough anxiety as it is. Let’s not let the words of strangers convince this woman of who she is.

The Kate Middleton Legacy

It”s too soon to tell what the Kate Middleton legacy is going to be. I hope the Kate Middleton Legacy is the legacy where the only person allowed to have an opinion about Kate Middleton is Kate Middleton.


Mom-Shaming And Other BS

Really, do any of us really know Kate Middleton beyond the face that she presents to the public? If we have commentary about a woman that simply had a picture taken seven hours after having a baby, can we really trust what our friends and family are saying about us behind our backs?

Are Our Mom Shaming Tendencies Based on Our Own Insecurities?

If we’re upset that a woman had a baby and is standing in a dress in public seven hours later, do we resent her for pulling it together because of her perceived role in society? Do we have suppressed feelings about our own birth experiences? Do we think that we should somehow feel bad for her because of choices she made for her own life? Does Kate Middleton trigger some oddly undefinable feeling in your relating to motherhood? Does Kate Middleton make you feel less than? Do you want to adopt her and eat Halo out of the carton with her? What’s the deal? Why do we as women naturally throw labels at other women and try to have any idea of what they think or do, or even what motivates them into those thoughts and actions?

The Thing About Kate Middleton That Actually Matters

What actually matters about Kate Middleton having a baby is how Kate Middleton legitimately feels about it and her recovery. Not Kate, the mom, not Kate who goes by Catherine, but Kate the woman. Kate that is the mind in the body. The Kate that went through the marathon of birthing a baby. The Kate that isn’t immune to leaking boobs and lochia for six-ish weeks.


My Baby Is Crying All Night – Houston Central Doulas

My Baby Is Crying All Night, And I Don’t Know Why

“Why is my baby crying all night?” is one of the most common postpartum questions. Sometimes your baby cries, and cries, and cries. Sometimes you start crying, too, It often feels worse when it’s the middle of the night.

You need sleep. You feel like it’s your job to calm your baby’s crying. They must urgently need something from you, and you want them to be okay. You love them, and you’re biologically programmed to respond to every single time they wiggle, whimper, or cry.

One of the most unpopular opinions ever, but the one I want to offer you today, is that it’s not going to hurt your baby to cry for a few minutes while you regroup. I’m not talking about a long standing bout of crying it out, This is different. This is that you have tried to meet your baby’s needs, and nothing is working.

Babies have a very simple set of needs. You just have to figure out which one is the most pressing at the time. Sometimes babies need a reset. You need a reset, too. Babies only have a very narrow set of needs compared to the needs that we perceive that we have as adults.

Sometimes adults need a Twix bar.

Babies don’t even know what that is yet. The magic is in quickly identifying the needs of your baby so that they don’t rile themselves up. If you can quickly predict what your baby needs next, it lessens the time of the crying. I know you want to punch me, but just hear me out. 


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Night Nannies & Sleep Help – Postpartum Doulas

If you are looking for newborn help in Houston such as a night nanny, you are in the right place!


houston night nanny

Where rocking your baby is something you do because you want to, not because it’s the only way to get them to sleep.

A Gentle And Family Centered Approach


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My Experience With Placenta Encapsulation

What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of having your placenta dehydrated, ground down into a coffee like consistency, and put into capsules for consumption. In the state of Texas, a recent bill was passed that enables you to take home the placenta you birth from the birth center or the hospital. Many people prefer to do something with the placenta instead of sending it to medical waste. For some families, that might be a simple burial under a tree sapling so that the placenta nourishes the tree and the tree grows with your baby. For other people, saving the placenta involves encapsulation.


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How Will I Know When Labor Starts – Common Signs Of Labor

Is All This Stuff A Sign of Labor?

Are all of the things that are happening to you a sign of labor?

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I was going to have a baby. I knew what it took to get pregnant (haha), and I knew that the baby was going to be born one way or another.  Even when you’re a first time mother, many people will tell you the story of their birth. You end up hearing about vaginal births and cesareans. You hear about hospital births, birth center births, and hospital births. You glean enough from your friends and families that you hear some of the terms you’d like to research to learn about your birth options.

Trying To Figure Out If I’m In Labor Is Making Me Anxious

What isn’t so easy is identifying some of the first signs that labor is beginning.  I’ve worked with a lot of families having babies for the first time, and one of the aspects (along with when to go to the hospital or birth center, if not birthing at home.) is the fear of not identifying some of the common signs of labor.


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I Post Pictures of My Kid On Social Media, And Here’s Why

I Post Pictures of My Kid On Social Media.

This is another one of those controversial parenting topics.

Reasons Not To Post Your Child’s Photos on Social Media

Deciding on whether or not to post a picture of your kid on social media is a hard choice. There are valid concerns involved. Does sharing a picture of my kid violate their privacy and governance over their own body, actions, and choices? Like, when my kid is grown, is he gonna be like, “Gee thanks, mom. Maybe I didn’t want my future partner to be able to find goofy ass third grade pictures of me without having to go through an awkward family dinner at Boston Market first.”?

Does posting pictures on social media put my child in danger?  Do predators shop online for, “Super talkative child with brown curly hair and brown eyes. Smudged glasses preferable”?

Can the people on my social media accounts be trusted with a picture of my child? Do I even really know who is on my accounts; even though I think I have control?

These are all valid reasons to not post the photos.

Here’s The Reason I Post Photos of My Child On Social Media

I have to think about what kind of mom I am. Y’all ready for this?


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An Open Letter To Past Self As She Navigates The Birth of Her First Baby

Dear Moriah V.2009-10, (AKA My Former Self Parenting A Baby For the First Time)

Greetings! It is I! Your future self V.2018. *cues twilight music*

My, my, how time flies when you’re just trying to survive.

I have taken it upon myself to write you a letter of support and encouragement. Because you need it, and you don’t even know how badly.

First of all, I have made an amazing discovery via a meme. I know the 2009 version of you hates memes, so this should be entertaining. Seeing as how memes are life and all.  So, rather, someone has made an amazing meme, and I yelled out, “Where has this been all my life?! Why didn’t I think of this?!”


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