Houston Postpartum Doula: Personal Assistant For Life After Baby

What Does A Postpartum Doula Do?

I’ve been a postpartum doula for a long time. Yet, it’s still difficult to explain what I do in a service description page on a website without telling you a story and painting a picture. Sometimes that can be a case of TL;DR if you just want to know the basics to find out if a postpartum doula is right for you.  But, if you’ve ever wanted to know the details of what I do while working as a postpartum doula, this is for you.


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LGBTQIA Birth – How Diversity Is Affecting Birth Culture

LGBTQIA People Are A Part Of The World, And They Still Have Babies (Yay!)

LGBTQIA people are stirring the birth world pot. And I’m so glad they are! You know why? Because they are human beings who have needs as it pertains to their lives, health, fertility, and family planning. This isn’t the mind-blowing shock America would like to pretend it is. How hard is to love fellow human beings and support them in the choices that feel right for them? I love people. The people I love the most are brave, courageous, honest, true, and have gone through a hell of a lot of self-actualization. In a society that is now focused on self-care and self-empowerment, these people who have lived in fear and who are now trying just to find their place in the world through strength and bravery are the epitome of the self-transformation model that has taken over social media and the world. Bravo for all of you that are changing the world!


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Common Pain Medications Used In Labor

There Are Many Types of Pain Medications For Labor

Pain medication during labor is a sensitive topic. In my years of experience as a doula and childbirth educator, I have found the most difficult and unexpected decision relating to birth in a hospital is whether or not to use pain medication. When you think about pain medication for labor, most people automatically think, “epidural”. While the epidural is one option, there are also endless other options.


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