Baby Sleep: Tips To Help Your Newborn Sleep

Baby Sleep Help – My Baby Won’t Go To Sleep

Congrats! Your baby is now outside of your body where you can hear it all day and all night. It has needs, but you aren’t always sure what those various cries are telling you. (Don’t worry, after a few months, you’re going to be a leading expert on what all those cries mean.) If you feel like you’re raising a vampire, don’t worry, I’ve heard it before. I’ve seen many cases of babies clusterfeeding at night or taking in most of their intake for the day at night. They are awake for what seems like all night, and they crash out hard during the day. That could be workable if you’re nocturnal anyway, but what if you and your partner need to return to work? It’s hard to wake several times during the night and then still be functional during the day.

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What To Do To Help Your Infant Like Tummy Time

How To Help Your Baby Like Tummy Time

Tummy time is an important component of your baby learning that their body is separate from yours. Tummy time is like a total body workout for babies. Tummy time helps babies better learn how to lift their head, and is one of the important elements of crawling. It also helps them coordinate their arms and legs together, and can make play time super enjoyable. We all know lounging around is the most fun way to relax. Babies can learn to enjoy that groove, too. But how? Chances are really good that you put your baby down for tummy time and they face planted into the floor and lost their minds. It requires effort, and they liked seeing everything from their back.


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Internal Birthers – What If I Get Too In My Head During Labor?

I coined a term. “Internal birther”. I’ve never made up cool words before, so please enjoy this one.

I was an internal birther. An internal birther is someone who doesn’t need or desire a whole lot of external help or stimulus during labor.  I feel like there are women who like a lot of emotional and physical support, women who like a combination of an awesome birth team along with some internal tricks, and then women who just want to focus on what is going on in their own minds.


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