We Need To Open The Dialogue – Talks About Real Life

You do your best to live your own life. A lot of that happens behind closed doors. Sometimes, that’s as it should be, but only because that’s the method that works for you. You think, What if someone knew I gave my kid chicken nuggets for breakfast? What if someone knew my marriage isn’t always perfect? Why do people look at me funny when I baby wear? Why does anyone care about how much caffeine I drink in one day? Everywhere we go, we worry about judgement. Sometimes our own lives keep us up at night. We feel guilty about even the mundane things because someone else out there in the world might do things just a tad bit differently.

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Postpartum Doula – “Post Pardon” Doulas for Your Postpartum

I still don’t understand what a doula is or what a doula does.

In the days before the word “doula” started to become a household name, we were known as “labor coaches” or “birth assistants”. Traditionally, the word “doula” applied to a woman that assisted you during labor. Together, we learned the importance of assisting you with  family planning, childbirth education courses, and continual support throughout your pregnancy and labor with complete and unbiased support, information, and some physical tips and tricks to help you prep your mind and body for your baby’s birthday.

The people that you hired to help you with your baby after birth were the nannies, the mother’s helpers, the baby nurse, and the newborn care specialist. Now we have the postpartum doula. The heck? English translation: a person that has an unique understanding of the first year of the baby’s life and helps you out at home. Not only do we understand how to care for a newborn baby, but we know how to care for you and every person and fur baby in your household. Just like pregnancy and birth, the time postpartum has physical, emotional, and mental aspects and changes. We want to see you through.

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