Trick Or Treat – “Shhh Sleeping Baby” Sign Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! Why? Because…

…the late fall is one of my favorite times of year. The primary reason is that the dark part of the year seems like a legit excuse to get more sleep and drink warm beverages like cider and hot chocolate. Are you taking time to spend a little bit more of the day snuggling in bed?

Frustrated by the solicitors ringing your doorbell right when you get the baby to sleep?

Here’s an awesome giveaway for you. It’s a simple cute painted sign that you can hang by the front door. I don’t know about you, but any sign I put on my door is made out of paper. And then it gets wet and falls off. Then I have to remember where I put the sharpie. And if you’re chasing sharpies and making signs, you’re losing precious moments of sleep.

So here’s the giveaway. In order to enter, please give us some love and tell us about the things you wondered about as you became a new parent  such as questions you have, or things that surprised you.

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Free Printable Postpartum Baby Care Log

I just created this Free Printable Postpartum Care Log and now I’m delighted to pass it on to you.

This printable will help you to:

  • document your baby’s diaper changes
  • milk intake
  • solid food intake
  • sleep
  • medications
  • special moments from throughout the day


In the diaper log, the “W” stands for “wet” and the “B” stands for “bowel movement”. The notes section enables you to document color changes (such as phasing out of meconium) and any other notes that are important to you.

Family Charged $39.35 To Hold Their Baby After Cesarean

There’s an article going around about a family that was sent a bill for $39.35 to hold their baby after a cesarean birth. People are going crazy! “That’s outrageous! The hospital is just pocketing money! Why should I pay to hold my own baby?” 


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